A diverse range of variants

swissFineLine brings out the best with the right system design and offers noticeable added value with the various options.

System versions

Corner solution

The sliding windows can be opened from the corner without posts. They are operated manually or automatically by pressing the button. 

Corner formations as fixed glazing are executed in elegant all-glass look. As a result, the room enjoys additional breadth and spaciousness.

Niche solution

With our niche solution it is possible to park one or several sliding door panels in a wall recess.

This means that, in open mode, the sliding elements are concealed from view in a niche.

Pivot swing doors

Aluminium front doors that inspire. The Pivot swing doors give every house a very special touch.

State-of-the-art technology and an innovative fixing system guarantee the highest quality in execution and use, as well as easy opening, regardless of the weight of the door.

System options

swissFineLine Even

A new definition of barrier freedom. Thanks to the lift/drop function, the roller track is accurately lifted in the threshold recess.

This means that, in the open position, the threshold is fully flush with the floor, allowing barrier-free access.

swissFineLine Flow

With the direct floor connection, the sense of a flowing transition between inside and outside is reinforced.

In the case of multi-track systems, the flooring at the threshold is laid up to the glass. An aesthetic solution for the most demanding architectural designs.

swissFineLine Cover

With swissFineLine Cover the floor rail seems almost invisible. By taking the floor covering up to the minimum floor opening and continuing the covering between the guide rail, the threshold transition is practically dissolved.

This design is ideal for interior room separation. 

swissFineLine Straight

With swissFineLine Straight, the glass elements are arranged on just one track. As a result, the fixed glazing forms a flush front without offset and the overall depth of the frame view is reduced to a minimum.

swissFineLine Straight can be combined as desired with sliding windows or corner solutions. 



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Chanceless from the outside

No chance for burglars. swissFineLine achieves top security class RC4. Find out more about the most secure elegant sliding window.