Highest sound insulation

Relaxation and tranquillity within one‘s own four walls are important factors for quality of life. The system excels through excellent sound insulation (Rw = 46dB) – without any additional measures and over the entire frequency range. The window elements are built flush into their frames at the sides and bottom, minimising the area presented to the wind where it could generate noise.

swissFineLine Silence offers acoustic living comfort even in noisy environments. 

A difference of 3 dB already means a doubling of the volume in human perception. 

swissFineLine Silence offers acoustic living comfort even in noisy environments.

Acoustically well protected.

  • swissFineLine Silence offers a sound insulation of 46 dB over the entire frequency range
  • Perfect solution for properties on busy roads, railway lines or in flight paths
  • swissFineLine Silence reduces the volume of a freight train to that of a very quiet radio 
  • Independently certified by the testing institute ift Rosenheim GmbH

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Design diversity



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Chanceless from the outside

No chance for burglars. swissFineLine achieves top security class RC4. Find out more about the most secure elegant sliding window.