Maximum burglary protection

With 87%, windows and balcony doors are the preferred points of attack for burglars. Optimum protection and maximum security are basic prerequisites for a peaceful living environment. This means that the quality of your windows is essential for your security.

Filigree architecture design in harmony with highest security

The frameless sliding window swissFineLine proves that aesthetic architectural design and maximum safety can work without loss.

With the label swissFineLine Protect, the leading manufacturer of frameless light metal windows and a competent security specialist offers the only sliding window on the market,

which meets the high burglary protection in the resistance class RC4.

Unique to swissFineLine Protect is its unrestricted architectural design, which impresses with its transparency and generosity without compromising the safety components.

No chance for burglars.

According to the police crime statistics recorded by the Federal Statistics Office, 127 break-ins were registered per day in 2016. This corresponds to a break-in every 11 minutes. Switzerland continues to be the number one target for gangs and thieves in Europe.

With the burglar resistance class RC4, swissFineLine resists even extreme attempts at burglary and provides an absolute maximum of personal and property protection.

Protect what is important to you.

The higher the resistance class, the harder it is to break in. Whereas properties with resistance class RC1 have only a low level of burglary protection which can be overcome by burglars relatively quickly, the higher resistance classes require significantly more time and additional tools.

Resistance classes to DIN EN 1627


Resistance period 3 minutes.

Building components with resistance class RC1 only provide a low level of protection against the use of leverage tools.


Resistance period 3 minutes.

Occasional perpetrators will try to break open locked and bolted building components using simple tools such a screwdrivers, pliers and wedges.


Resistance period 5 minutes.

The perpetrator tries to break open the locked and bolted building component using additionally a second screwdriver, a crowbar and a simple drill.


Resistance period 10 minutes.

The experienced perpetrator will additionally use sawing tools and striking tools, such as an axe, a crowbar, a hammer and chisel, as well as a cordless power drill.



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Chanceless from the outside

No chance for burglars. swissFineLine achieves top security class RC4. Find out more about the most secure elegant sliding window.