Combinable accessories for clever solutions

swissFineLine sliding window systems are combinable to create individual solutions. For additional comfort, each system can be supplemented with various components. The clever solutions combine perfectly together to make a whole, generating impressive architecture.

Concealed insect screening

The folding insect screen provides maximum living comfort without impeding the view. The folding screen consists of tear-resistant transparent Vectran net and, when in the home position, is concealed laterally in the reveal.

The insect screen is attached to the grip profile by magnetic tape and moves with the window when it is closed.

Individual shading solutions

In spaces with large glazed areas, it is important for comfort to have an effective shading system that works fully automatically and provides optimum glare, privacy and thermal protection.

External textile shading devices fitted concealed in the lintel area provide optimum glare and privacy protection and help to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

Privacy protection

To protect your home from unwanted glances, appropriate film applications offer the desired privacy protection. The privacy films are translucent and offer countless design possibilities.

This privacy protection combination is specially designed for exposed rooms with greater privacy requirements, such as overlooked bathrooms, spa areas, meeting rooms etc.


Sliding door systems can be opened and closed almost soundlessly at the push of a button, thus guaranteeing maximum operating comfort. Thanks to its incredibly small dimensions, the electric motor is fitted concealed in the lintel profile. Commissioning and service work can be carried out directly from below through the profile.

swissFineLine sliding elements can be driven on inside and outside tracks. Integrated position monitoring systems increase security.

Invisible fall protection

From first floor level, full-height sliding windows are designed with the all-glass fall protection railing, which can be integrated directly into the window frame.

The transparent appearance of the unique all-glass balustrades emphasises the familiar timeless design of elegant swissFineLine architecture.



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Chanceless from the outside

No chance for burglars. swissFineLine achieves top security class RC4. Find out more about the most secure elegant sliding window.